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Ciel Phantomhive
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12th-Jun-2021 01:42 am - Romance
//Lizzy's Teen Pregnant?!

Drawn by Nums lsakjfds ilu Nums crying
27th-Nov-2020 08:32 pm - MARRIED MARRIED MARRIED?
//Awkward Boners

[Doodle by Nums crying dlkjfds]

[Drawing by Nums alkjfds <3]
5th-Feb-2011 04:19 am - ACTIVITY DIRECTORY
1. [Ciel Arrives in Siren's Port.] - Arrives just as he fell unconscious thanks to Viscount Druitt and as such, is stuck in a ballgown and corset, desperate to get out of it.

Notiable threads:
- Gilbert helps Ciel out of his dress.
- Meets Amy Sorel.

12th-Sep-2010 04:08 am - Character Relations
Rachel Phantomhive - Ciel's deceased mother who...isn't really so dead anymore. Beautiful, kind and compassionate, Ciel adores his mother more than anything and respects her an insane amount. Now that she's alive once more, Ciel can't help but want to do everything he possibly can to make her life comfortable and keep her safe. There's extreme guilt he harbors, keeping the horrors of his past a secret from her, but Ciel can't allow himself to worry her with his problems. He can't bring himself to. He feels extremely filthy and tainted when he reunited with her and when he thinks of the contract he made with her in his presence, he feels sick. Rachel Phantomhive is one of the only people who can instantly make Ciel feel meek and like a child. He even climbs into her bed at times, despite himself. Deep down, Ciel simply wants to be the bright eyed child his mother remembers, even if that's near impossible to achieve anymore.
An Earl just like himself, is what Alois claims to be, and although Ciel didn 't know him, Alois demanded they knew one another. Even if Ciel didn't know him at the start, they're certainly well acquainted by now, after having lived months side by side. Both contractees to demons and cursed with the fate of having sold their souls, Ciel's never had someone he could relate to so well, so much so at times it's a little unnerving. Whether Ciel likes it or not, the boy he shares his bed with in their tiny apartment has grown on him in importance. There's also the fact Alois saved his life quite literally that makes Ciel feel indebted to Alois to a degree. Without their demons to button their shirts and make them tea, they have to rely on one another to survive, and although it's tough, it's not as bad as it used to be. Alois is terribly clingy and Ciel's realized this - the boy goes on and on about him, draping himself over Ciel and their other roommate Shiroe, becomes upset when ignored and generally acts like a pest; yet despite Ciel's protests, Alois just won't let go and as such, Ciel's become used to such behavior. The younger Earl isn't exactly sure what to make of Alois as of late - the boy's demanded that they're friends and Ciel's not entirely sure what that means aside from Alois feeling entitled to kissing his cheeks and, daringly, his lips on one occasion. Alois Trancy has the sole ability to make Ciel Phantomhive feel confused, embarrassed, enraged and annoyed, but perhaps most important, not alone.
Alois' little brother who believes anything Alois says without question and has a pet duck. The boy is obsessed with the idea of Alois and Ciel being married much to Ciel's horror, but thankfully Luca's started to let the issue slide. Ciel doesn't really know how to deal with Luca very well, simply because he's awkward around children half his age. But, he tries his best and can't seem to say no to the boy - probably because Alois would beat him up if he upset him.
What started off as a joke from Shiroe turned into a true rooming experience when Ciel took up the boy's offer to room together. Ever since that day they've been living together, Ciel stubbornly trying to take care of himself and Shiroe 's been laughing all the way. The boy's been witness to Ciel's nightmares, more deep than Ciel is aware of and he's the first person aside from Alois to know of his contract with Sebastian. He makes it a point to find out as much as he can about Ciel and although he likes to make Ciel his primary target of amusement, Shiroe looks out for the little Earl, for better or for worse. Ciel appreciates it. Really. The teasing, not so much.
Jack Vessalius is, to Ciel, an enigma. From what started off as Ciel reluctantly taking help from the man to the little Earl now claiming Jack as his own it's...a strange relationship to say the least. Ciel respects Jack just as much as he did his own father and it's come to the point he's admitted to the man he reminds Ciel of him. Perhaps the reason why Ciel's so drawn to Jack is the very fact the man wont judge him - no matter what he does. Jack is one of the few individuals who knows of Ciel's contract and one of the fewer who Ciel allows to indulge in physical affection. Hair ruffles, hugs and even kisses to the crown of his head which were once met with disdain and confusion are now met with no resistance and even, sometimes, the embrace is returned. Jack Vessalius is also, at the same time, someone who can make Ciel feel fear. Whether it's simply his presence when he's feeling orderly or the fact his voice sounds oddly and eerily like Sebastian's at times makes for an odd, if not confusing experience. Despite the regular teasing (about many things including his sweet intake and his relationship with Alois), Jack Vessalius has somehow wormed his way into Ciel's life and now, like a parasite, if he were to leave it there'd be a gaping, rotting hole exposed. He's become someone Ciel needs for mental support in Siren's Port and without him, Ciel Phantomhive would be a lot less stable.
Gilbert Nightray
Vincent Nightray
Elliot Nightray
Oz Vessalius
Ada Vessalius
Amy Sorel - Pretty, Intelligent, Reserved and a fantastic dualest; everything Ciel finds pleasing in a lady. A noble Lady, Ciel became acquainted with Amy through her offer to help him find work. The two then, worked together at the library (and still do) and soon after, attended the same school. They've duled together, eaten ice cream together and walked home with one another - needless to say, Ciel enjoys Amy's company. There's just one thing though: Amy's a vampire. Ciel doesn't care, really, (He's not one to judge; after all, he is contracted to a demon) so much so he let her drink his blood when she was starving. There's also the fact Amy has a crush on Ciel, and although he does somewhat like her, he had to reject her affections. She knows of his contract, making her the second to find out and despite all of this, he still enjoys her company and really, really does hope she won't spite him for rejecting her.
A boy with cat ears and a tail - certainly not a likely friend and yet Ciel's somehow made a friend out of him. Ciel's study buddy and the person who gave him allergy medicine at the beginning, Ritsuka has been helpful in many ways, especially when Ciel sprouted a pair of ears and a tail of his very own. Ritsuka has also offered to let Ciel stay over if he ever needs a place to stay or get away which is well...quite appreciated. Needless to say, his friendship with Ritsuka is useful and although he needs to take allergy pills to even stay around him, it's worth it to a degree.
Insanely exciteable but a 'King' of sorts and a good source of tea and cakes, Ciel finds Tamaki useful. Having landed a place in the Host Club as a host, Ciel can look forward to tea, cakes and socializing with 'princesses' as Tamaki calls them. Ciel might hate idle chitchat with no purpose, but when it comes to free dessert and tea, it's completely worth it. Completely.
Baron Franz D'herp derp
Lily Baskerville
Franziska Von Karma
Doctor Daedalus Yumeno
Grell Sutcliffe
William T. Spears
Replica Riku [Joe]
1st-Sep-2010 03:12 am - Sexuality Headcanon Meme
//Looks Down
The Easy Part
What is your…

1. Name:
Ciel Phantomhive.
2. Age: Twelve. (Almost Thirteen.)
3. Sex: Male.
4. Gender Identity: Male.
5. Sexual Orientation: Uninterested.

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